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Shiver me ribosomes!
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Shiver me ribosomes!

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“I know Phil’s not the brightest crayon in the box… That’s what I kind of like about him, you know? It’s just simple. I know it sounds perverse, but he’s kind of like my dad in that way.”

White Bird In A Blizzard (2014) Dir. Gregg Araki

Here is a question, why Shailene Woodley often showed up in the movies I chose. Since she is kind of sought after actress? Since I often chose the movie having teen girl as a protagonist? totally have no idea, plus I’m actually not fond of her face…even though I can say I appreciate her perfect, so stunning, body. 

Anyways, this movie has also casted Eva Green as her mother, this is a very good point, I guess. I really think Eva Green is so much good at acting insane, mad, lunatic person. like 300, Her beauty seems enhancing her act. Thanks to her noble atmosphere, when she act insane, it became more than realistic. I was so scared of her abnormal talking-like-shit scene. 

I suppose this movie tends to be described like “teen age girl get into chaos after her mother has disappeared.” From protagonist point of view, it might be such. From my point of view, this movie was talking about who we are. We, human, are pretending that we are fully known of who we are since we are living our life. But sometimes it can be false-positive. We think we know, we can handle it. Yet, we simply know “we know who we are.” No one actually know who we are. indeed.

Life can create a switch; once you press it, you’ll never be able to go back. Although Kat thought she was living just like one of teen girl, she has been messing around. She was not sensitive to her mother, on the other hand she noticed something wrong happened to her mother. She noticed her mother was lonely. Her mother should have spoken up that she needed someone to hold her. This is only one of a piece. There are more and more triggers there. Every one put their switch on and off. What comes next? no one know because we don’t even know who exactly we are and become.

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everything personal


everything personal

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now that we’re here, now that we’ve come this far, just hold on, there’s nothing to fear

              for I am right beside you

                                     For all my life, I’m  y o u r s  

Once Upon A Time (up to Series3)

Before Series 4 is coming, I somehow reached to the end of S3.

As is often said, making sequel for great stories sounds easier than making the one from scratch. However, there is another difficulty; keeping every character in who they are. cannot allow them to be out of the character. Surely, there should be changes, like Regina’s becoming better, yet she still possess the past called evil queen. Maybe Hook is bit out of character, but which is still the typical one as a pirate. Ever since he appeared, he has been honest with his feeling, what he loves. Even in the enchanted world, he was just sincere to himself, even though it did hurt someone. 

So, the point is, this TV show is quite organized and well planed. Since most of the story is gathered into, sometimes unbelievable meeting was happened such as Mulan and Bell were helping each other. But still it makes sense. I suppose the key is the structure of the each story. most of fairly tail tends to be the two opposite sides, good and evil, Hero and Villain. Therefore, it makes connecting the stories easier. Needless to say, Jealousy must come from the close relationship such as step-mother and daughter or step-sisters. Means if some blood relationship could settle between the characters, all stories become make sense.

Regarding Emma, despite she was once a Leia, she is being a sequel sequel, I mean the daughter of Prince Charming and Snow white, whose wedding story was a sequel. So that no matter how much she made unbelievable stuff, it’s just a sequel of sequel after the first sequel. 

I was wondering why I’ve been so much intrigued by this TV show, then, now, I have a clue. 

Like the fairly tail does, always this TV show gave us a relief; bad incident was managed to be solved and have a good end. Emma, protagonist, often made a wrong choice, guide, or accident. But she never just let it ruined. She fixed it. at least took charge of, willingly. Hero can be weak, but never being it. face own weakness, admit own weakness, and getting stronger enough to hold such weakness. 

I wish I can say I want to be such. I crave to be “weak” enough to drag myself to tomorrow like Emma. 

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